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Time Travels: Exploration Of Lives Remembered

Barbara Becker, QHHT® practitioner, shares session stories from her client practice. These are the stories of other lives, other worlds and other concepts, through past life regression hypnosis in the tradition of the Dolores Cannon method.

My client’s Higher Self drew a picture for me

Facilitating QHHT® sessions, helping the client to become relaxed and allowing their mind’s eye to open and reveal what the client’s Higher Self wants them to see, is a joy for me. In my book, Time Travels: Exploration of Lives Remembered, there are stories of various...

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Opportunities in your life are a moment away

This subject continues to show up in angel readings and QHHT® sessions. We miss opportunities that are right in front of us. It’s only because we are not seeing or hearing the possibilities that help us to develop our creations. We slip into our drama and forget that...

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A New Kind of Wanderer: The Rainbows

A guest post by Reiki Master Kari Redfield With a chakra like hundreds of rainbow prisms, Rainbow Children and Rainbow Young Adults bring in pure love and light. Last summer, I had the beautiful experience with “Rainbow Children” while providing Reiki at a healing...

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