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Time Travels: Exploration Of Lives Remembered

Barbara Becker, QHHT® practitioner, shares session stories from her client practice. These are the stories of other lives, other worlds and other concepts, through past life regression hypnosis in the tradition of the Dolores Cannon method.

QHHT® Session Story: The Importance of Hydration

I facilitated this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session for a recently divorced woman. Her work is in computers. She’s never done formal hypnotherapy or hypnosis. An enlarged lymph gland gave her concern, and wanted it healed. She had been seen by doctors for...

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Another Way to Promote Self Healing: QHHT®

Six years ago I wrote a blog article called: 3 Ways to Promote Self Healing. Since then, I’ve learned more ways to heal ourselves. Although we still receive care and treatment from physicians, surgeons, naturopathic medical doctors, and chiropractors, addressing the...

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The Third Eye: The Journey Inward

Is your third eye open? Often times my hypnosis clients tell me their third eye is not open. I help them to “see” it is indeed open. The third eye, or mind’s eye, is located in the 6th chakra energy center. The pineal gland located in the brain, behind the third...

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Pressure Point Perfect Promotes Forward Movement

Just when you think your life is perfect, everything in its place, everyone in their perfect moment, you’re handed more. Its the 555 number sequence you keep seeing on auto license plates, phone numbers, addresses, street signs, number of views of a video on social...

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Who are the Guardian Angels?

Back in Catholic elementary school, I was told we are assigned a Guardian Angel that watches over us and this angel is there to help us when we are in trouble. We were told to give it a name. And that was that. No more mention about angels in religious education. A...

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