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Time Travels: Exploration Of Lives Remembered

Barbara Becker, QHHT® practitioner, shares session stories from her client practice. These are the stories of other lives, other worlds and other concepts, through past life regression hypnosis in the tradition of the Dolores Cannon method.

Christmas Memories

I grew up Catholic with the tradition of the birth of Jesus celebrated on December 25 of each year. I remember several Christmas holidays spent at my grandparent’s home in upstate New York. For the Christmas dinner, I sat at the children’s table next to the grownup’s...

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Gratitude for Everything & Everyone

It’s easy to be grateful for the gifts of food, clothing, transportation, and the health we acquire through healing and medical and holistic assistance. But what about the gifts we receive through arguments, denial of services and opportunities, imposed hardships, and...

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Aura Photo While Trance Channeling One’s Higher Self

In the mid nineties, I had an aura photograph taken of me, in an angel shop in Sedona, Arizona. I’ve since lost that photo. I do remember there was magenta color above my head and gold and white colors surrounding me. When that photo was taken I remember I placed my...

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QHHT® Session Story: The Importance of Hydration

I facilitated this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session for a recently divorced woman. Her work is in computers. She’s never done formal hypnotherapy or hypnosis. An enlarged lymph gland gave her concern, and wanted it healed. She had been seen by doctors for...

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